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Who we are

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As the second largest United Nations duty station and one of the major conference centers in the world, UNOG provides a key platform for international dialogue and diplomacy. It is the role of the Division of Conference Management to facilitate these discussions and conferences by ensuring the provision of high quality services both logistically and substantively for such organs as the Human Rights Council, the Conference on Disarmament, UNECE, UNCTAD, as well as highly sensitive political negotiations. The support and expertise of our staff behind the scenes is indispensable to contributing to the successful progress of discussions.

The Division is composed of four services. The Central Planning and Coordination Service plans and coordinates the provision of all facilities and services rendered by UNOG to conferences; the Languages Service ensures that documentation is edited and translated into all six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish); the Interpretation Service ensures that delegates speaking various languages can communicate with each other; and the Production & Support Service is in charge of the reproduction and distribution of documents, and processes the UN publications to make them available on a commercial basis.

Every day we strive to enhance dialogue and cooperation among Member States and, by doing so, to contribute to the realization of the objectives of the United Nations. We achieve this through the efforts and contribution of the more than 600 staff based in Geneva, ranging from meeting planners and documentation officers, translators, reference assistants, interpreters and editors to graphic designers and printers, conference officers and administrators, and more. Our work is driven by our commitment to multilingualism, which remains at the forefront of our objectives.

Director, Division of Conference Management