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Provision of meeting-related services

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UNOG’s Meetings Management Section is responsible, among other tasks, for booking conference rooms and ensuring the physical setup, infrastructure, services and facilities for multilateral dialogue, including the provision of the necessary conference services and assistance in the rooms for calendar bodies, as well as non-calendar meetings.

Clients wishing to reserve conference rooms and services at the Palais des Nations for a non-calendar meetings are kindly requested to contact the Meetings Coordination and Planning Unit to inquire about the availability of conference rooms. Staff of the Meetings Coordination and Planning Unit will guide the client through the different steps required for organizing the meeting.

For external clients (i.e. those that do not fall within the purview of calendar bodies), conference services are generally provided on a reimbursable basis. A cost estimate is henceforth prepared once the meetings requirements have been listed and their availability confirmed. Services are guaranteed after the payment has been settled. In case of cancellation less than two weeks prior to the meeting, clients may be requested to pay the costs of interpretation and other conference personnel required for the meeting, if staff has already been recruited. Below is a list of services provided by MMS to both regular budget and extra-budgetary clients.

Show details for MMS provides in the room the following servicesMMS provides in the room the following services

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