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Document servicing

Documents Servicing revised

The efforts of the staff enable delegates of Member States and other participants in intergovernmental meetings to have in hand, in their preferred language, official reports, organizational and working papers, and resolutions and decisions from first drafts to adopted compilations. Without their daily regimen of documents, delegates are unable to function and meetings grind to a halt. The documentation management chain (see also under Documents Management Section) ranges from the receipt of manuscripts, through editing, referencing, translation, text-processing, copy preparation and proofreading, to printing and distribution of reports and publications. By producing documentation in the six official languages of the United Nations, the Division is at the forefront of multilingualism.

Hard copies of documents are always available at the Distribution Counters located at the Palais des Nations (i.e. Door 40 and C.337) and the Palais Wilson.

Opting for electronic versions of documents