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Calendar of Meetings

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The online calendar provides daily, weekly and monthly perspectives of the meetings taking place at UNOG, as well as in some other international organizations. It is available from the UNOG website at www.unog.ch/calendar.

Permanent Missions can download the iPhone or Android app of the calendar, available under the same link. The web calendar is accessible anywhere where there is an internet connection and is a suitable tool for viewing the meetings scheduled for any given period with the relevant information such as time, venue and conference rooms. It is also possible to print the daily bulletin of meetings using the link in the daily view of the calendar. This is an up-to-date PDF in both English and French of the meetings of the day.

All of the above options offer up-to-date, well presented and relevant information for the Permanent Missions and we would encourage Missions to take advantage of these tools in order to follow the meetings taking place at UNOG.

Download the mobile application.