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The Production & Support Service of the United Nations Office at Geneva provides services to the Secretariat as a whole, as well as other agencies with conference documents and publishing services, including multimedia products and other visual solutions, to enable them to carry out their mandated activities.

Pursuant to the system-wide efforts to implement the concept of sustainable publishing, the Production and Support Service of the Division of Conference Management (DCM) has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) for its printing and distribution operations. The scope of the EMS includes the environmental impact of the printing and distribution activities, including material flow, waste material management, secure handling of chemicals, energy consumption, machinery noise levels, etc. The Service obtained ISO 14001:2004 Certification on 5 November 2010 and has maintained its ISO certification since then, including updating to ISO 14001:2015.

The Service consists of three Sections: the Printing Section, the Distribution Section and the Information Technology and Business Analysis Section.