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CPAG - Common Procurement Activities Group

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6 November 2018

The Common Procurement Activities Group (CPAG)
, which membership consists of 19 Geneva-based UN entities and other international organizations, cordially invites you to a special procurement event in Geneva, hosted by the United Nations Office at Geneva.

The main purpose of the CPAG business seminar is to inform potential vendors and trade entities about CPAG’s procurement activities. The seminar, to which all interested entities are encouraged to participate, will provide information on procurement procedures, practical tips as well as information on how to identify business opportunities.

Vendors that attend the morning session, will also have the opportunity to meet CPAG Members during a networking session or in one-on-one meetings in the afternoon. One-on-one meetings can be requested by registering to this event by 19 October 2018 at the latest and will be subject to confirmation by CPAG Members based on the relevance of the vendor’s business area. Vendors can also receive support to register with the United Nations Global Marketplace at our UNGM Live Support booth as well as ask procurement experts specific questions related to tenders at our Tendering Tips Helpdesk. The event will be conducted in English.

Please register here

This event takes place in Room XXI
United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG)
Palais des Nations
14 Avenue de la Paix 1211 Geneva 10


The Common Procurement activities Group (CPAG) is leading efforts towards the simplification and harmonization of procurement practices within the Geneva-based international organizations, with the objective of increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the United Nations procurement activities. The aim of the Group is to build more effective, coherent and better-performing business practices and to lower cost of commonly required goods and services for all its members due to volume purchase agreements.

The Group, "Delivering as One", is effectively collaborating through the process of knowledge sharing, the use of common contracts, conducting joint tenders, and establishing working groups on various procurement-related aspects. CPAG achieves on average an estimated cost avoidance of USD 35 million yearly, including travel services and airline negotiations, electricity supplies, ICT goods and services, office supplies, paper and other goods and services.

CPAG is a successful example of a group-led procurement strategy based on the shared goals of pooling experience and research, exchanging best practices and collaborating on procurement projects. CPAG is achieving these goals through:

  • Promoting the standardization among member organizations of procurement policies, standards, procedures and procurement training programmes;
  • Benefitting from economies of scale by pooling procurement requirements in the Geneva duty station;
  • Promoting the standardization of goods, works and services in use among Geneva-based agencies;
  • Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement operations by enabling member organizations to benefit from the results of the procurement activities of other members.

The Statutes of CPAG were adopted by the United Nations Office at Geneva and specialized agencies, funds and programmes on 22 April 2005. Previously, this inter-agency group established on 15 May 1952 was called the Committee on the Coordination of Purchase and Supply services of the United Nations Office and Specialized Agencies at Geneva.

The CPAG Secretariat is managed by the Procurement and Contracts Unit of the United Nations Office at Geneva.

CPAG comprises the following 19 Members:

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