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Annual Report 2018

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DNA is the fundamental building block of life. It is a metaphor for the qualities that define us. Our DNA explores the qualities found in the DNA of UN Geneva, where multilateralism and the embrace of innovation come together to empower collective action. These qualities are also very much part of the makeup of International Geneva and of the global United Nations family.

As we enter a renovation and growth phase at the Palais des Nations, UN Geneva is pioneering new ways to deliver its core services more efficiently, finding new ways to better communicate the messages of our clients and our Organization, and evolving working methods to become a more modern workplace.

Our annual report uses creative storytelling and multimedia to showcase the global impact and reach of our actions throughout International Geneva and beyond. It is in our DNA to continue evolving and adapting to a rapidly changing world in order to promote peace, rights and well-being for all of humanity.

Ensuring our complex work is accessible to all, UN Geneva developed a special youth report Disarmament and you(th), aimed at the 14-18 age group. It lists concrete actions which can be taken by anyone, anywhere, to eliminate, control or reduce weapons.