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Annual Report 2007

"The Annual Report is a review of our efforts to realise the Organization’s aim to achieve peace, progress and prosperity for the entire human family."

The Director-General

Published since 1997, the UNOG Annual Report provides a comprehensive yearly overview of our work. The Annual Report highlights results, identifies challenges and presents UNOG’s priorities for the coming year. Focused on a different theme every year, the Annual Report places our work within the context of the United Nation’s overall efforts. The publication contains key statistics and reviews of UNOG’s on-going efforts to enhance our contribution towards realizing the goals of the Organization.

The Report is distributed to all Member States and is made available to the public on the web.

The 2007 Annual Report, presents the main highlights of the activities of UNOG throughout the year, focusing in particular on the efforts carried out to comply with the vision of the Secretary-General of an organization delivering better for peace, development and human rights. As a dynamic centre for multilateral diplomacy, UNOG has throughout the year continued to contribute to the overall objectives of the United Nations by supporting, managing and facilitating multilateral cooperation. The report outlines the efforts of UNOG together with Member States and other stakeholders, to achieve the goals of the international community. It is hoped that the report can help to provide a deeper insight to all those interested in the work of the Organization.