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Annual Report 2008

"The Annual Report is a review of our efforts to realize the Organization’s aim to achieve peace, progress and prosperity for the entire human family."

The UNOG Annual Report provides a comprehensive yearly overview of our work. The Report highlights results, identifies challenges and presents UNOG’s priorities for the year ahead. Focused on a different theme every year, the Annual Report places our work within the context of the United Nations’ overall efforts.

2008 Annual Report – A Common Effort for a Better Future

The 2008 Annual Report describes UNOG’s activities as part of the international community’s collective work towards a better future for all. With the aim of further enhancing the utility of the Report, we have adjusted its format to make it more informative and reader-friendly. New elements include:

UNOG at a glance – 2008

Organigramme of the United Nations Office at Geneva

The report also comprises three special features, highlighting particular priorities of the Office:

Preserving the Shared Heritage of the Palais des Nations: Our Collective Responsibility, detailing the efforts towards a Strategic Heritage Plan for the Palais des Nations to protect its unique legacy.

Greening the United Nations Office at Geneva, outlining UNOG’s efforts to make in-house practices more climate neutral as part of the Organization’s contribution to fighting climate change.

We Remember, highlighting the sacrifice of colleagues who have died in the service of peace.

Foreword: A Common Effort for a Better Future
Chapter 1: A Platform for Multilateral Diplomacy and Global Governance
Chapter 2: Engaging our Stakeholders for Collective Responses
Chapter 3: Reaching our Global Constituencies
Chapter 4: Strengthening Common Services
Chapter 5: Preserving and Expanding Knowledge

Interactive presentation

If you choose to view the interactive presentation of the report, you will need to have flash application properly installed. You can also choose to download the chapters in PDF format above.

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