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IT Equipment and Furniture Donation Programme to Permanent Missions and NGOs

IT Equipment Donations

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) operates a programme called the IT Equipment and Furniture Donation Programme to Permanent Missions and NGOs for the benefit of United Nations Permanent or Observer Missions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Through this programme, UNOG supports IT equipment and furniture donation requests. When available, the Central Support Services donate the returns from UNOG’s IT Replacement Program.

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UNOG offers a maximum of 10 laptops, 10 desktops (pc), 10 flat screen monitors, and 3 printers per donation request. Metallic shelves, cupboards, desks with drawers and credences are also available.

All requests for equipment that exceed the maximum will need to be approved by the UNOG Property Survey Board.

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  • UNOG is not responsible for the delivery or transport of any donated IT equipment.
  • This programme does not provide any technical support for donated equipment.
  • This programme is not required to complete sets or purchase any computer device, accessory or miscellaneous cables to complete a set.
  • Donated computers are delivered with no software.
  • The furniture available is only as follows: metallic shelves and cupboards, metallic desks with drawers and metallic credences.

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Permanent or Observer Missions & NGOs interested in computer equipment / furniture should place their requests on an official letterhead that has been endorsed by their Chief of Mission / NGO and sent to the below address. NGOs should ensure they have finalized their annual accreditation with UNOG.

United Nations Office at Geneva
Central Support Services
Palais des Nations, Room S29
1211 Geneva 10

The Central Support Services will treat the requests received on a first come first served basis. When the equipment / furniture requested is available, the Permanent or Observer Mission / NGO will be notified and allotted a date and time to pick up from Dock 30 at UNOG.

Upon withdrawal of the equipment / furniture, the Permanent or Observer Mission / NGO will sign and date a form confirming that they have taken the equipment. Through the form, the transfer of property will be effective and UNOG will be relieved from obligations and liabilities.

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