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BWC Action - Guidance Brochure for BWC National Implementation

The Seventh Review Conference of the BWC decided that strengthening of national implementation will be a Standing Agenda Item during the 2012-2015 intersessional programme. The topics to be addressed include specific measures for full and comprehensive implementation of the BWC, especially Articles III and IV, and ways and means to enhance national implementation and sharing best practices and experiences.

Based on experiences gained through the preceding EU Joint Action and as a continuation of initiated activities, a comprehensive documentation (guidance brochure) will be prepared providing:

    • An overview of the obligations of the States Parties of the BWC;
    • A coverage of national measures for full and comprehensive implementation of the BWC;
    • A toolkit of implementation measures and examples of best practices.

Experts from BWC States Parties, relevant international organisations and the non-governmental sector concerned with BWC implementation will be consulted in the process of developing the guidance brochure.

The guidance brochure will be reproduced in all official languages of the UN.

The guidance brochure will be modular in its structure, to facilitate revisions, and comprise:
    • Introduction
    • Module I - Implementation of BWC Article I obligations
    • Module II - Prohibitive, preventive and safety measures, and security measures for handling biological materials
    • Module III - Export/import control of dual-use biological materials
    • Module IV - Confidence-building measures
    • Module Va - Complementary measures (outreach, education/training, Codes of Conduct, science & technology)
    • Module Vb - Complementary measures (preparedness, transfer and exchanges of information, cooperation and assistance)
    • Module VI - National mechanisms for implementation

An electronic platform has been set up for the development of the guidance brochure. Experts of States Parties and relevant international organisations and the non-governmental sector interested in participating in the process and needing access to the electronic platform can contact:

Ms. Karin Hjalmarsson Tel.: +41 (0)22 917 3676, Fax: +41 (0)22 917 0483
BWC Action Implementation Group E-mail:


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