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CCW Protocol V 2009 Meeting of Experts - Presentations by Experts

The presentations that were delivered by the experts during the Meeting of Experts, which have been submitted to the Secretariat, are available below.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009 (Afternoon session)

Topic I - Implementing the Plan of Action

Panel of experts:

Ms. Sheree Bailey, Victim Assistance Specialist, APLC ISU, GICHD - General Overview: Evolution of victim assistance and current needs

Mr. Herbert Baryayebwa, Commisioner for Disability, Uganda - Assisting ERW victims in Uganda

Ms. Lourdes Barrera de Morales, Executive Director, National Council for Persons with Disabilities, El Salvador - Assisting ERW victims in El Salvador

Mr. Najmuddin Helal, Head of ICRC Orthopaedic Centre in Kabul - Assisting ERW victims in Afghanistan - a survivor's perspective

National presentations:

Lao People's Democratic Republic
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Friday, 24 April 2009 (Morning session)

National presentations (continued)


Topic II - Broader considerations on victim assistance


Mr. Firoz Alizada, ICBL - Civil society and victim assistance - a survivor's perpective

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