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Guidelines of the Cultural Activities Committee of the United Nations Office at Geneva (2010)

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  1. The Cultural Activities Committee is composed of representatives of the main services, sections and units of UNOG:

  2. Chairman: Chief Librarian;

    Vice-Chairman: Chief of Central Support Services;

    Other members: Chief of Registry, Records and Archives Unit; Chief of Buildings Unit; Editor of Tech-News; Chief of Languages Service; Chief of Security and Safety Section; Liaison Officer of Non-Governmental Organizations; Chief of Buildings and Engineering Section; Chief of User Services Section, Library; Director of United Nations Information Service, Geneva; Chief of Protocol, Office of the Director-General, UNOG;

    Secretariat: Cultural Activities Assistant;

    Coordinator: Cultural Activities Coordinator.

  3. The Chairman may invite additional Departments or Offices or representatives of an organ or body of the organizations of the United Nations system with relevant experience and credentials to participate in the meetings of the Committee.

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