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Statements in Plenary 2014

The statements published on this web site are as circulated and have not been checked against delivery. For a word-by-word account of the Plenary meetings, please check the relevant records of meetings (PVs). Kindly send your statements to for faster on-line posting. Thank you.

Show details for 21 January 2014 - Part I21 January 2014 - Part I
Show details for 28 January 2014 28 January 2014
Hide details for 4 February 2014 4 February 2014

Israel Amb. Manor
United States of America Ms. Gottemoeller
Japan Amb. Sano
Ethiopia Amb. Getahun
Slovakia Amb. Rosocha
Sweden Mr. Lindell
Italy Amb. Mati
Czech Republic Amb. Sequensovà
Canada Ms. Anderson
India Mr. Vipul
Germany Amb. Biontino
Kenya Amb. Andanje
Netherlands Amb. Van der Kwast
Mexico Amb. Lomónaco Tonda

Show details for 11 February 2014 11 February 2014
Hide details for 18 February 2014 18 February 2014

Italy Amb. Mati
Cuba Amb. Rodriguez Camejo
Venezuela Amb. Sánchez
Egypt Amb. Abdelnasser
Mexico Amb. Lómonaco
Tunisia Amb. Kilani
Kenya Amb. Andanje

Show details for 25 February 2014 25 February 2014
Show details for 3 March 2014 High Level Segment 3 March 2014 High Level Segment
Show details for 4 March 2014 High Level Segment 4 March 2014 High Level Segment
Show details for 5 March 2014 High Level Segment 5 March 2014 High Level Segment
Hide details for 11 March 2014  11 March 2014

Italy Amb. Mati
Women International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Ms. Gandenberger
Algeria Amb. Delmi
Austria Amb. Hajnoczi
Republic of Korea Amb. Ahn
Australia Mr. McConville
Turkey Ms. Kasnakli

Show details for 18 March 2014  18 March 2014
Hide details for 26 March 2014  26 March 2014

Japan Amb. Sano
Australia H.E. Ms. Julie Bishop
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Mexico Amb. Lόmonaco Tonda
Chile (on behalf of the G21) Amb. Balmaceda
Brazil Amb. Motta Pinto Coelho
Greece (on behalf of the EU) Mr. Kos
Netherlands Amb. Van der Kwast
Spain Amb. Catalina

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