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Pursuant to Rule 60 of the Rules of procedure of the General Assembly, the meetings of the open-ended working group on taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations shall be held in public unless otherwise decided by the group.

All participants in the work of the group are required to register with the Secretariat, as follows:

Show details for United Nations Member States and ObserversUnited Nations Member States and Observers

Hide details for International and regional organizationsInternational and regional organizations

Pursuant to the established practice the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs has circulated an invitation letter for the open-ended working group.

The composition of delegations of the international and regional organizations to the open-ended working group should be notified by official letter to the Secretariat of the group at the following address:

Secretariat of the open-ended working group to develop proposals to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations
Office for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva Branch
United Nations Office at Geneva
Palais des nations, room C-113.1
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax: (+41) 22-917-0034

Hide details for Civil societyCivil society

Pursuant to the established practice the United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs has circulated an invitation letter for the relevant non-governmental organizations.

I. Provisions for the attendance of non-governmental organizations

Pursuant to General Assembly resolution 67/56, the working group shall convene in Geneva in 2013 for up to fifteen working days, within available timeframes, with the contribution of international organizations and civil society. Taking into account existing United Nations practices and the mandate provided for in A/RES/67/56, representatives of NGOs shall be allowed, upon request, to attend the meetings of the OEWG other than those designated closed, to be seated at the seats designated for them, to receive documents of the OEWG, at their own expense to make written material available to the participants of the OEWG, and to address OEWG meetings. This applies to all NGOs with consultative status with ECOSOC, NGOs accredited to DPI, as well as other interested organizations relevant and competent to the scope of the OEWG. The latter should submit a request (create a profile on CSO-Net), accompanied by information on the organization’s purpose, programmes and activities, in areas relevant to the OEWG for consideration by the group on a no-objection basis.

II. Practical arrangements for accreditation, registration and issuance of identification badges


Requests for accreditation should be addressed to the Office for Disarmament Affairs. Such requests should be made through the United Nations Civil Society Network (CSO-Net) by filling out an online accreditation form available at

Please follow the instructions on the website. It is advisable first to check if your organization already has a profile on CSO-Net, by searching the profile database at

If your organization is not part of CSO-Net, please create your organizational profile at .

In so doing, make sure that you select “ECOSOC consultative status” at “Main objective” regardless of your status with the United Nations to ensure that the information is transmitted to the CSO-Net administrator. This is for database management purposes only. After receiving confirmation that your NGO became a part of CSO-Net, please proceed to the accreditation.

Those NGOs that have requested accreditation will be informed by the Office for Disarmament Affairs by e-mail of the outcome of their request for accreditation to the OEWG. Please bear in mind that individuals requesting accreditation to the OEWG meetings, as well as those planning to attend side events, must be at least 18 years of age.

Registration and issuance of identification badges

Please bear in mind that incomplete registrations will not be processed. The Secretariat will not grant last minute requests from NGOs for guest or visitor passes.

The registration process involves two steps: (a) pre-registration of NGO representatives online; (b) registration of NGO representatives on-site at the United Nations Office at Geneva.

NGOs that are provisionally accredited to the OEWG meetings must pre-register the representatives that they expect to attend the meeting at .

Online pre-registration will be available from 1st May 2013 throughout the entire period of time when the OEWG holds its meetings to organizations whose accreditation has been provisionally approved. Please note that a personal Conference Registration Form is required for on-site registration at the United Nations Office at Geneva.

On-site registration will take place in the Pass and Identification Unit of the Security and Safety Section, located at the Pregny Gate, 8-14 Avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland (across from the International OEWG of the Red Cross). The pass office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Representatives will need to have their passport and registration form with them to collect the identification badge.

III. Facilities for non-governmental organizations

NGOs are solely responsible for delivering, storing, distributing and removing their materials (including documents), as well as for all related costs. The Secretariat does not receive or store any materials on behalf of NGOs. NGOs are advised to ensure that boxes or any other containers can be easily opened for security inspection, if requested. The Secretariat will authorize removal of materials judged to be inappropriate.

IV. Documentation

Official documents and statements of the OEWG will be posted on the Groups’s website at .

NGOs will be allowed to display their documents and other information materials on a designated table and may submit documents in accordance with the Agenda items, as appropriate. One copy of each document should be provided to the Secretariat through the NGO Coordinator, Ms. Beatrice Fihn. Ms. Fihn contact details are provided below.

V. Presentations by non-governmental organizations

Without prejudice to a decision by the Member States as to the organization of work of the OEWG, it is expected that NGO will be allowed to make statements at the meetings of the OEWG. NGOs are requested to coordinate among themselves in deciding which representatives will address the OEWG.

VI. Contact persons for non-governmental organizations

The Secretariat has been informed that the designated NGO Coordinator in connection with NGO participation in the OEWG is as follows:

Ms. Beatrice Fihn
NGO Coordinator
Reaching Critical Will
1, rue de Varembé, C.P.28,
1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
Tel: (+41) 22 919-7080
Mob: (+41) 78 613-0472

VII. Letters of invitation and visas

The United Nations is not in a position to provide letters of invitation or letters to consulates requesting that NGO representatives be provided visas for travelling to Switzerland in order to attend the meetings of the OEWG. It is the responsibility of NGO representatives to make their own arrangements for visas, travel and related costs.

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