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Pursuant to Rule 60 of the Rules of procedure of the General Assembly, the meetings of the open-ended working group on taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations shall be held in public unless otherwise decided by the group.

All participants in the work of the group are required to register with the Secretariat, as follows:

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Pursuant to the established practice the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs has circulated an invitation letter for the open-ended working group.

The composition of delegations of the international and regional organizations to the open-ended working group should be notified by official letter to the Secretariat of the group at the following address:

Secretariat of the open-ended working group to develop proposals to take forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations
Office for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva Branch
United Nations Office at Geneva
Palais des nations, room C-113.1
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax: (+41) 22-917-0034

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