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Membership of the Biological Weapons Convention

The Biological Weapons Convention currently has 172 States Parties and 9 signatories. There are 15 states which have neither signed nor ratified the Convention.

For information on ratifying or acceding to the Convention, please click here.

Lists of States Parties, Signatories and States not Members

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  1. Central African Republic (The)
  2. Côte d'Ivoire
  3. Egypt
  4. Haiti
  5. Liberia
  6. Nepal
  7. Somalia
  8. Syrian Arab Republic
  9. United Republic of Tanzania (The)

Hide details for States not membersStates not members
  1. Andorra
  2. Angola
  3. Chad
  4. Comoros
  5. Djibouti
  6. Eritrea
  7. Guinea
  8. Israel
  9. Kiribati
  10. Micronesia (Federated States of)
  11. Namibia
  12. Niue
  13. Samoa
  14. South Sudan
  15. Tuvalu