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Article X Reports

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The Seventh Review Conference encouraged States Parties "to provide at least biannually appropriate information on how they implement this Article to the Implementation Support Unit." States Parties often accomplish this by submitting documents or making statements at meetings of the BWC. The ISU collates this information for the reference of States Parties; submitted documents can be found in the section below.

Decisions taken at the Seventh Review Conference on the 2012-2015 intersessional programme established a Standing Agenda Item on cooperation and assistance, with a particular focus on strengthening cooperation and assistance under Article X. A number of working papers and ISU reports, also linked to below, have addressed this Standing Agenda Item.

Official Documents on Article X

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BWC/MSP/2013/WP.9 International Cooperation and Assistance of Japan related to Article X


BWC/MSP/2013/INF.2 International activities of the Government of Canada related to Article X of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention: update 2013 - submitted by Canada


BWC/MSP/2013/INF.3 Report on Germany’s Implementation of Article X. Submitted by Germany


BWC/MSP/2013/INF.4 Assistance and cooperation. Submitted by the European Union


BWC/MSP/2013/INF.5 Report on cooperation and Assistance under Article X of the Convention. Submitted by Iraq


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