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Assistance and Cooperation Tools

Assistance and Cooperation Database

To promote the full implementation of Article X, the Seventh Review Conference decided to establish a database to facilitate the exchange of requests for, and offers to provide, assistance and cooperation among States Parties. The Conference invited States Parties, individually or together with other states or international organizations, “to submit on a voluntary basis to the Implementation Support Unit any requirements, needs or offers for assistance, including in terms of equipment, materials and scientific and technological information regarding the use of biological and toxin agents for peaceful purposes.”

This database is managed by the Implementation Support Unit (ISU), and it is intended to be used by States Parties to match requests with offers for assistance, and to then make arrangements for collaboration.

The full database is available to States Parties in the restricted access area of the website.

Only the offer part of the database is public: Assistance & Cooperation database: Offers

Examples of requests for assistance include establishing best practices and policies for biological risk management, building capacity by participating in training programs, and the transfer of biological equipment for peaceful purposes. In order for the database to reach its full potential with the aim of comprehensive implementation of Article X, States Parties are encouraged to submit their requests and offers for assistance.

The Sponsorship Programme

The Seventh Review Conference decided to establish a sponsorship programme in order to support and increase the participation of developing States Parties in the meetings of the intersessional programme. The programme may also be used to sponsor the attendance of states not party in order to enhance universalization of the Convention. The programme is managed by the ISU, and is funded through voluntary contributions from States Parties.

The Conference affirmed that “Priority for sponsorship will be given to those States Parties which have previously not participated in the meetings, or have been unable to regularly send experts from capital.”

To apply for participation in the program, please submit a written request (email, fax or note verbale) to the ISU no later than three months before the meeting that you would like to attend. If possible, please list the name, title, and the department/ministry of the official who is requesting sponsorship.

The ISU provides a summary of the status of this programme in its annual reports.

Facilitating activities: National Contact Points

Designating national points of contact can facilitate assistance and cooperation. The full NCP information is available only through the restricted access area of the BWC website. States Parties are encouraged to submit National Points of Contacts to the ISU by using the National Point of Contact Electronic Form.

But National Points of Contacts can also be provided through Note Verbale, by official email, and through the phone. Please see the ISU contact page for details.