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Sponsorship Programme

The Seventh Review Conference decided to establish a sponsorship programme in order to support and increase the participation of developing States Parties in the meetings of the intersessional programme. The programme may also be used to sponsor the attendance of states not party in order to enhance universalization of the Convention. The programme is managed by the ISU, and is funded by voluntary contributions from States Parties.

The Conference affirmed that “Priority for sponsorship will be given to those States Parties which have previously not participated in the meetings, or have been unable to regularly send experts from capital.”

To apply for participation in the program, please submit a written request (email, fax or note verbale) to the ISU no later than three months before the meeting that you would like to attend. If possible, please list the name, title, and the department/ministry of the official who is requesting sponsorship.

The Implementation Support Unit provides a summary of the status of this programme in its annual reports.

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