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CCW - Latest Information

On this page you will find the latest information concerning the CCW and its Protocols and
the work of the Officeholders, Coordinators and CCW Implementation Support Unit.


In 2017 the schedule for CCW meetings and conferences is the following:
  • Amended Protocol II Group of Experts - 19 to 20 April or 28 to 29 August;
  • Protocol V Meeting of Experts - 20 to 21 April or 29 to 30 August;
  • Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) - first session 24 to 28 April or 21 to 25 August and its second session 13 to 17 November;
  • Eleventh Conference of Protocol V - 20 November;
  • Nineteenth Annual Conference of Amended Protocol II - 21 November; and
  • Meeting of the High Contracting Parties to the Convention - 22 to 24 November.

*Reminder - National Reporting: CCW Compliance, Amended Protocol II and Protocol V national reports are due to be submitted on 31 March 2017. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the CCW Implementation Support Unit.

Financial Contributions: Preliminary assessment for 2017

The Financial Resources Management Service (FRMS) of the United Nations Office at Geneva has provided the preliminary assessment for each High Contracting Party and States not party to the Convention for contributions to the CCW budget for the year 2017.
The official invoices has been dispatched to all High Contracting Parties and States not parties to the Convention.
The Fifth Review Conference requested that High Contracting Parties and States not parties participating in the meetings of the Convention and its annexed Protocols should proceed with the payment of their share of the estimated costs as soon as the assessment invoices have been received.
Should any delegation wish to obtain further clarification regarding the billing and invoices, please get in touch with the CCW Implementation Support Unit.

The Convention & LAWS

Amended Protocol II

Protocol V

Status of Contributions as of 31 December 2016
the full list of contributions can be reached by clicking on the link

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