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The Director-General

Director-General Participates in Commemoration of World Humanitarian Day

19 August 2011

The Director-General participated in the commemoration of World Humanitarian Day at the Parc des Bastions, Geneva, in which he took part in a walk and read the statement of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the occasion. In his remarks, the Director-General highlighted the importance of humanitarian work and noted its increasingly dangerous nature. He paid tribute to those who have been injured, kidnapped or killed in humanitarian service, and urged participants to commit to continue their work and to reconnect to the value of humanitarianism. In December 2008, the sixty-third session of the UN General Assembly decided to designate 19 August as World Humanitarian Day in commemoration of the date on which a brutal terrorist attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003 killed 22 people, including UN envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello.