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The Director-General

Director-General Celebrates International Day of Nowruz

21 March 2013

As part of his visit to Turkmenistan, the Director-General addressed an international high-level event to mark the International Day of Nowruz. Recalling the focus of Nowruz on peace, harmony and renewal, the Director-General stressed that this unique festival allowed the international community to recommit to the universal values of tolerance, respect, mutual understanding and the equal worth of every human being. Chaired by the President of Turkmenistan, the event was attended by the Heads of State of Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Pakistan, as well as senior delegations from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Turkey. The United Nations General Assembly recognized 21 March as the International Day of Nowruz with the adoption of Resolution 64/253 in 2010.