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Library Talks

Library Talks 2011

The Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva hosts on a regular basis "Library Talks", geared towards gathering members of the international community in Geneva to discuss subjects of key importance for the United Nations.

27 September 2011
The discussion, opened and moderated by UNOG Director-General Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, brought together diplomats, practitioners and academe for a dialogue on the evolution of peacebuilding since the League of Nations period. Held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the International Day of Peace (celebrated on 21 September) the event provided a platform for panellists to share differing perspectives on the role of the United Nations in peacebuilding – both historically and in today’s context.
7 July 2011
Building Democratic Problem-Solving Global Communities
15 June 2011
Distance Learning and Development: The UN and the new frontiers of knowledge - Cooperating entity: IAEA Liaison Office in Geneva
23 March 2011
1325 for Human Rights: No Women - No Peace. Cooperating entity: NGO PWAG PeaceWomen Across the Globe (Switzerland)
3 February 2011
Water and international conflicts. Cooperating entities: UNEP Regional Office in Geneva / GEN Geneva Environment Network, IAEA Liaison Office in Geneva.

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