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The League of Nations Museum

The League of Nations Museum was established in 1946 in the UNOG Library to illustrate the significance of the League in the history of international relations during the 20th century and to highlight the historical collections of the League of Nations Archives.

From the League of Nations to the United Nations
Permanent Exhibition

This exhibition sketches the key moments of the League, the first large inter-governmental political organization, and includes the lithographs of Otto Dix, the Locarno Agreements, the Diary of Sean Lester, the caricatures of Derso and Kelen, and many other documents and artworks that highlight the hopes and difficulties of international relations during the first half of the 20th century.

Memory of the World Register

The League of Nations Archives are inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register.

In 2009, the League of Nations Archives were recognized as a unique collection of global importance that met the criteria established by UNESCO for the Memory of the World Programme to facilitate preservation, assist with universal access and increase awareness worldwide for documentary heritage of international, regional and national significance.

For more information, visit the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

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The League of Nations Archives

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