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Use of Computers

Use of computers

  • In the cyberspaces and reading rooms, Internet-linked computers and free wifi connection are available to users for their professional research.
  • Email and Internet facilities may not be used for illegal or wrongful purposes. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to: the use of Internet and e-mail facilities to seek access to or distribute pornographic or other patently offensive material; the use of Internet and e-mail facilities to seek access to or distribute defamatory, fraudulent, discriminatory, racist, insulting or harassing messages. Information such as Internet traffic logs or e-mail messages will be disclosed to any entity authorized to conduct investigations in the event of suspected abuse.
  • Any act that can obstruct the proper functioning of equipment and information resources (e.g., the modification of installations, the insertion and propagation of computer viruses, abusive stocking of information, changing of passwords, etc.) is forbidden.
  • Workstations cannot be reserved, except with the approval of the Chief Librarian.
  • Users may not leave their materials at a computer table to save a place while they are away from the area.
  • Library staff have the prerogative of reassigning computers that are left unoccupied.
  • In the cyberspaces, some places are reserved for urgent consultation, limited to a 20-minute period.
  • Cyberspace users are kindly requested to respect intellectual property rights.
  • When using cyberspace printers, users are asked to limit themselves to making single copies of materials and up to a maximum of 20 sheets, recto-verso, per day.
  • All cyberspace printers shut down automatically at 5.20 p.m.

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