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Distribution Counter Door 40

The Distribution Section, in coordination with clients and counterparts within the documents management chain, is responsible for the distribution of United Nations documents and publications in accordance with guidelines established by the United Nations Publication Board. The Section is composed of two specialized units:

Counters Unit

This Unit is responsible for, but not limited to, hard copy distribution of documents and publications to delegates attending conferences and meetings in Geneva. Services are provided from counters located at the Palais des Nations (i.e. Door 40 and C.337) and the Palais Wilson. As part of UNOG's adherence to the UN's environmental policy on paper reduction, this Unit coordinates closely with clients on their document needs to ensure minimum paper wastage. It also applies, when requested, the PaperSmart concept to meetings through which documents are accessible electronically as an alternative to the traditional method of paper copies thus reducing considerably the amount of paper used.

Routing and Tripostal Unit

This Unit is responsible for distributing documents and publications to all Permanent Missions to the United Nations Office at Geneva and various official departmental mailing lists. In particular, the timely distribution of pre-session documents to governments, NGOs and delegates participating at meetings is an important service provided by this Unit. All outgoing official mail is pre-sorted and registered in accordance with standards established by UNOG's mail service provider. It also offers clients preferential tariffs thus generating substantial savings for clients.