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Conference in Progress

Conference services and facilities are mainly provided to United Nations Agencies, Programmes, Funds and Regional Commissions, Specialized Agencies, Non-governmental organizations, and other organizations with special status.

The Meetings Coordination and Servicing process includes the following elements:

  • establishment and administration of the calendar of conferences and meetings as approved by the General Assembly;
  • planning, coordination and provision of conference services for all meetings for which UNOG has the servicing responsibility including those held at external conference sites;
  • planning missions for the organization of some conferences to be held outside UNOG;
  • providing advice on all conference servicing matters, including conference policy;
  • cooperation and coordination with the various departments, services and units at UNOG as well as other duty stations with the final aim of ensuring the provision of the highest quality services in the most cost-effective manner to all UNOG clients.

Two Special Sessions of the General Assembly were serviced in 1988 and 2000, as well as several meetings of the Security Council, including meetings of P5, the substantive sessions of the Economic and Social Council, meetings on human rights, disarmament issues, the Conference on Trade and Development and the Economic Commission for Europe. An average of 10,000 meetings are being managed per year, or 40 meetings a day.

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