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UN COMTRADE database, the largest of its kind in the world, contains more than 1.3 billion records covering over 45 years of detailed trade information that until now has been accessible only to economists and statisticians of international organizations. UN COMTRADE not only lets users select the data they are looking for, but also view and extract it in a number of different graphic formats.Try it for FREE as a guest user at:

Daily Subsistence Allowance Rates (DSAR) Online
Daily Subsistence Allowance Rates (DSAR) or per diem costs are determined by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) on the basis of the latest data on prices for single rooms at commercial hotels and meal costs. Hotels and restaurants used are recommended by the United Nations officials at various locations for more than 250 cities/towns in about 200 countries.Try sample access for FREE at:

UNCTAD Commodity Price Statistics On-line
This selection of monthly prices and price indices presented in the on-line Bulletin encompasses several categories of commodity groups, including food, tropical beverages, vegetable oilseeds and oils, agricultural raw materials, minerals, ores and metals. The data set also includes combined price index and exchange rates. Access to the Commodity Price Bulletin On-line requires a user ID and a password.

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