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17 February 2017UNHCR Press ConferenceHumanitarian situation in Yemen
  • Ayman Gharaibeh – UNHCR Representative in YemenUNHCR
  • 16 February 2017Press Stakeout by the Office of the UN Special Envoy for SyriaPress stakeout by Mr. Jan Egeland, Special Advisor to the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, following the meeting of the International Syria Support Group's Humanitarian Access Task Force.
    The press stakeout will be webcast live on webtv.un.org. (Please note that the live stream may not be accessible on all mobile devices.)
    15 February 2017ILO Press ConferenceLaunch of the joint ILO-Eurofound report “Working Anytime, Anywhere: The Effects on the World of Work”
  • Jon Messenger, co-author of the report for the ILO
  • Oscar Vargas, co-author of the report for EurofoundILO
  • 14 February 2017UNDP Press ConferenceUpdate on situation in Ukraine.
  • Neal Walker, UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in UkraineUNDP
  • 8 February 2017OCHA Press ConferencePress briefing on the launch of the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan 2017
  • Stephen O'Brien, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator
  • Jamie McGoldrick, Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen
  • 6 February 2017UNFPA-UNICEF-Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices (IAC)-WHO Press ConferenceProgress and urgent actions needed to end Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting the soonest
    3 million girls, most under the age of 15, are mutilated each year. Through the Sustainable Development Goals, the world has pledged to end female genital mutilation by 2030. What progress has been done and what are urgent actions needed to eradicate the practice?
  • Alfonso Barragues, Director of the UNFPA Geneva Liaison Office – Speaking on behalf of UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
  • Adebisi Adebayo, PhD, Program Advisor, Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices (IAC)
  • Christina Catherine PALLITTO, PhD, Scientist, Focal person Female Genital Mutilation, Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research, World Health Organization
  • Respondent from the floor: Marilena Viviani, Director of the UNICEF Geneva Liaison OfficeUNFPA
  • 3 February 2017OHCHR Press ConferenceMyanmar: Serious, ongoing human rights violations against Rohingya - documented in interviews with those who have fled across the border to Bangladesh
  • Linnea Arvidsson, Mission Leader
  • Naveed Ahmed, Human Rights Investigator
  • Ilona Alexander, Human Rights InvestigatorOHCHR
  • 3 February 2017WHO Press ConferenceTo mark World Cancer Day (4 February), WHO is launching new guidance on early cancer diagnosis to improve the chances of survival for people living with cancer by ensuring health services can provide earlier cancer diagnosis and treatment.
      Also new figures related to number of cancer-related deaths will be presented at the press briefing.
    Dr. Etienne Krug, Director, WHO’s Department for the Management of Noncommunicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention
  • Dr. Andre Ilbawi, WHO cancer focal point
  • WHO
  • 1 February 2017UNCTAD Press ConferencePublication of the Global Investment Trends Monitor
    Under embargo until 5.00 p.m. GMT
  • James Zhan, UNCTAD, Director - Division on Investment and EnterpriseUNCTAD
  • 1 February 2017WHO Press ConferenceZika and related complications One year on – Recent developments and upcoming events
  • Ian Clarke, WHO Incident Manager for Zika
  • Dr Nathalie Broutet, Coordination, WHO Zika Virus Research Agenda
  • Dr Bernadette Murgue, Project Manager, WHO R&D Blueprint for Action to Prevent EpidemicsWHO

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