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26 August 2015UNHCR Press ConferenceThe refugee crisis in Europe.
  • Mr. Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of Interior, France
  • Mr. António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR
  • 18 August 2015WHO Press ConferenceVaccine Hesitancy
    In a series of papers published today in the special WHO-edited issue of the journal “Vaccine,” experts review the role of vaccine hesitancy in limiting vaccine coverage and explore strategies to address it.
    Vaccine hesitancy refers to delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccination services. The issue is complex and context specific, varying across time, place and vaccines. It is influenced by factors such as complacency, convenience and confidence.
  • Dr Phillippe Duclos, WHO Department of VaccinesWHO
  • 14 August 2015WHO Press ConferenceWorld Humanitarian Day 2015: WHO honours health workers, calls for their protection.
    Ahead of World Humanitarian Day 2015, WHO is drawing attention to the continued attacks on health staff and health facilities during conflicts or humanitarian crises. During 2014 alone, WHO received reports of 372 attacks in 32 countries on health workers resulting in 603 deaths and 958 injuries.
    In addition to World Humanitarian Day on 19 August 2015, WHO will launch an online platform to recognise the efforts of health workers and their dedication.
  • Dr Rudi Coninx, Coordinator, Policy Practice and Evaluation, WHO Department of Emergency Risk Management & Humanitarian Response.
  • Erin Maura Kenney, Technical Officer, Stop Attacks on Health Care Workers, WHO Department of Emergency Risk Management and Humanitarian Response.WHO
  • 14 August 2015OHCHR Press ConferenceCommittee against Torture: Concluding Observations on Iraq, Slovakia, and Switzerland
  • Claudio Grossman (Chair)OHCHR
  • 11 August 2015UNSMIL Press ConferenceNew round of Libyan Political Dialogue
  • Bernardino Leon, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) UNOG
  • 7 August 2015UNHCR Press Conference[Europe’s refugee crisis: Greece and Calais
  • Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR Director for EuropeUNHCR
  • 4 August 2015WHO Press ConferenceUpdate on Ebola operational response.
  • Dr. Bruce Aylward, WHO Assistant Director-GeneralUNOG

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