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Upcoming Business Opportunities

  1. The notice(s) below is/are posted for information only and do(es) not constitute an invitation to bid or to submit proposals.
  2. The information contained in this page is intended primarily to encourage new vendors of relevant products and services to register in the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) with the UN Secretariat.
  3. Vendors who are interested in participating in these or any future solicitations, are requested to register in UNGM as a first step to potentially do business with the UN Secretariat.
  4. Vendors who are registered in UNGM, and who are interested in participating in any of the advertised solicitations below are encouraged to express their interest to the Purchase and Transportation Section in writing as soon as possible, to the following fax number +41(0)22 917 00 13 and email to tenders@unog.ch.
  5. To know more about the Untied Nations Secretariat an the UN agencies business opportunities, please visit the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM).

Code Title Date
RFIUNOG101Provision of Digital Printing Systems (DPS) Services for UNOG Printing Section8 June 2017
EOIUNOG13946Entretien des plantes d’intérieur du Palais des Nations et du Palais Wilson à Genève; fourniture et livraison de compositions florales, plantes d’intérieur et matériels divers pour les plantes d’intérieur et la réalisation de décorations florales. 13 June 2017
EOIUNOG13992Augmentation de la capacité électrique et maintenance du Datacenter21 June 2017
EOIUNOG14006Third party monitoring services for Iraq Humanitarian Pooled Fund (IHPF)22 June 2017
EOIUNOG13959Provision of Mobile Telecommunication Services to the Office for the Cordinationation of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Turkey and UNMM14 June 2017
EOIUNOG13945Fourniture, livraison et entretien d’un véhicule électrique pour le sous-groupe de Parcs et Jardins du Palais des Nations12 June 2017
EOIUNOG13901Concession for catering services in the Palais des Nations and its annexes in Geneva for the years 2019- 2021.31 May 2017
UNFCCC - Development and operation of an e-tendering systemDevelopment and operation of an e-tendering system11 May 2017
EOIUNOG13899Concession pour les services de restauration du Palais des Nations et ses annexes à Genève pour les années 2019-2021.31 May 2017